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Water Damage

I Dropped My Phone In Water, What Do I Do?

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Liquid damage can occur in a multitude of circumstances. Some of us (ahem, me) drop our prized possessions in a glass of soda while delivering pizzas. Others notice their phone stops charging, which could be a result of too much sweat at the gym, or bringing your phone in the bathroom when you shower.

Not all liquid damage occurrences are cut and dry… but there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t damage your device further..

If your device isn’t charging or you suspect liquid damage (or the apple store told you so),click here.

If your device has been submerged in any sort of liquid, follow these steps to increase your chances of your device being fixed.

Step 1: Retrieve it from the liquid. Time is of the essence!

Step 2: Turn off your device. It’s not so much the liquid that will damage your device, the liquid is transferring electricity through the components is what actually damages your phone.

Step 3: Take out your battery immediately (if applicable). Most Samsung devices have removable batteries, whereas iPhones require a special pentalobe screwdriver to remove the back casing of your phone, and iPads, it’s just not possible unless you have special tools.

Step 4: Bring it into your closest Device Shop location.

What to NOT DO if your phone has been fully submerged..


#2) DO NOT PUT YOUR PHONE IN RICE. This is a common misconception of what to do, but bottom line is the starches mess up your phone!! Learn more here…

#3) Try not to continue to use your phone.  Often times people will call us and say, I dropped my phone in water and it worked fine at first, but now it just cycles and won’t boot up.

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