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Reviews and Testimonials

The Device Shop (formally Fix My iPhone NYC) pride in our proficiency and customer service. The following reviews are taken directly from our yelp page that you can access here.

RD: “They did an amazing job with my iPhone. They saw me within an hour of my calling them, fixed my screen in 30 minutes, and I was on my way in no time. Their price was super reasonable, and they clearly know what they’re doing. The best part was that they fixed it in front of me, and my phone was never out of my sight. The screen works great, and it seems more crisp than I remember it being before it broke. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that’s as accident prone as I am with their phones/iPads.”


Christie K: “Yeah it isn’t original but it looks pretty damn good!  If you wanted an original screen, pay up the high prices at the apple store to get a new phone.  The service was great and thought they did a great job with the fix.  

Nothing more to add to the other reviewed so def get your phone fixed if your cracked screen is bothering you.”

Matthew P: “These guys repaired my iPad 2 screen – cracked because another repair place didn’t get the glass straight. They do iPad repairs in their Times Square location, but I was able to drop mine off at Church St. and pick it up in Times Square. Very good work, nice guys, and a reasonable price. They charged $150, and that was a little more than I paid another place, but honestly it was worth it to have the job done right. Turnaround time was a few hours, since they had to take it from downtown to Times Square to perform the repair. Be sure to call them before you go to get a time estimate.”

Tom W: “quick, nice people, good location, fair price.”

Jenny W: “Fast, friendly, and affordable! What more can you ask for? My severely cracked iPhone 4 was like new in an hr!”


Kevin T: “They replaced the broken glass in my iPhone 4 quickly and cheaply ($78, no discounts).  Friendly, courteous, quick, and competent.  What’s not to like?”

Taylor H: “The customer service here is remarkable.  Chivas and Andrei helped me with a simple problem for FREE on Dec 23rd.  My appt at Apple would have been $100.  They fixed a lose cable in a matter of seconds, something that is common when you drop your phone.  If you don’t already see these guys, you’re missing out!”

Shady E: “Great place, 

prompt service, was late for my appointment over the weekend and wanted to check if they could still take me and was a non issue….

the location is a bit hectic, times square one week before Christmas was very crowded and the entrance to the place was a bit nondescript…

but in terms of service gave them my cracked phone waited about 30 min and got it back again with a new screen, so super stoked.

would recommend this place, convenient, courteous… recommend you call in and book an appointment so they are ready for you and have the necessary spare parts for your iphone…”

Patrick T.: These guys are great!  

I dropped my phone flat on its face while enjoying some beverages.  Fortunately, I had enjoyed enough to look at the screen and stay relaxed; I thought to myself, “looks like I’ll be spending some money tomorrow.”

I had dropped my phone several times before, but it never stuck the 10.0 landing that results in the shattered screen.  This time it did.

I did my Yelp research, came across these guys and gave them a call.  It was somewhat difficult to find.  It’s a couple doors to the right (if facing towards) of The Hard Rock Cafe.  Then it’s on the 12th floor.

They took my phone and had it done in about 45 minutes.  I couldn’t remember what I used to do in waiting rooms before I ever had a cell phone.  That 45 minutes of waiting in the lobby made me realize how much we rely on technology for killing time.

I highly recommend these guys.  It’s been several weeks and I’ve had no issues with the new screen.  Good as new, and beats paying Apple $200 for a refurbished phone.

To read all our reviews, head over to our yelp page by clicking here.

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