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Repairs while you wait

The Device Shop offers same day repairs on almost all of our devices. Most of our repairs can be done while you wait. All of our locations offer a comfortable waiting area, or you can go out, grab a cup of coffee and come back and your device will probably be almost finished!

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Screen Replacements: 20-30 Minutes

Dock Connector / Charge Port / Headphone Jack: 30-45 Minutes

Battery: 15 Minutes

Water Damage: 2 – 48 Hours*

Other: Varies


Screen Replacement: 1-2 Hours

Charge Port, Headphone Jack: 3-4 Hours

Battery, Volume Button: 3-4 Hours

Water Damage: 2 – 48 Hours*

Other: Varies

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3:

Glass Replacement: 1-2 Hours

LCD Replacement: 45 Minutes

Charge Port, Headphone Jack: 30 – 45 Minutes

Battery: 10 Minutes

Water Damage: 2 – 48 Hours*

Other: Varies

Other Devices:

Blackberry Z10, Q10 Screen Replacement: 1 Hour

LG G2 Screen Replacement: 1 Hour

Laptops: 24 – 48 Hours

Other: Varies

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