iPad Air Internal Repair – Mail In Service


This repair is for an internal problem with your iPad Air. If you have any of the following issues, this is the repair for you.

  • Broken Power Button
  • Broken Volume Buttons
  • iPad Does Not Charge
  • Wifi Problems
  • Poor Battery Life

How do I know which model iPad I have? On the back of your iPad, at the bottom you’ll see the model number starting with the letter A, followed by 4 numbers.

iPad 3 Model Numbers are: A1474, A1475, & A1476

Product Description

iPad Air Internal Repair Service

The Device Shop’s iPad Air Internal Repair will get your iPad working like its brand new after our expert technicians have an hour with your beloved device. Bring your iPad Air to 1 of our 6 locations in New York City or mail it in for repair. The mail in process is simple and the best part is that you can sit at home while its fixed and wait for it to arrive at your door!

If you’re having trouble with your iPad Air and you’re unsure why it’s not working properly, this is the repair service for you. If your battery needs replaced, the home button isn’t working, or you simply just don’t know why your iPad Air isn’t operating properly, call us to help you with the diagnosis.

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