iPhone XS Repairs

Screen Replacements $150 + tax w/ Good Display | Scroll Down For All Repairs

Glass ReplacementIn Stock Now!

$ 130

Plus TaxRepair Time: 30-45 Minutes

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Glass & LCD Replacement

$ 160

Plus TaxRepair Time: 30-45 Minutes

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Battery Replacement

$ 90

Plus TaxRepair Time: 20-30 Minutes

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Power Button

$ 120

Plus TaxRepair Time: 45-60 Minutes

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Charging Port

$ 100

Plus TaxRepair Time: 45-60 Minutes

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Back Glass/Housing

$ 225

Call for AvailabilityRepair Time: 2-3 Hours

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Back Camera

$ 125

Plus TaxRepair Time: 30 Minutes

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Front Camera

$ 100

Plus TaxRepair Time: 30 Minutes

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Camera Lens

$ 75

Plus TaxRepair Time: 30-45 Minutes

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Water Damage

$ 75

$30 Non-RefundableRepair Time: 24-48 Hours

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iPhone XS Repairs

The Device Shop is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and has now fixed over 100,000 broken devices. Our experts have assisted thousands of customers and we want to help you. Do not go another day without getting your device fixed. Make an appointment today!

The Device Shop has the ability to fix water damaged iPhone XS as well.  With our expert technicians, there’s a good chance we can get your water damaged iPhone XS back to life.

What to do if your iPhone XS has water damage:
  • DO NOT under any circumstance charge your phone.
  • Turn your device off immediately
  • Bring it into one of our locations as quick as you can. Time is of the essence.

iPhone XS Repair Services

The iPhone X is the 11th iPhone released by Apple. The iPhone X was announced on September 21, 2018 and screens, power buttons, and batteries began breaking soon after.

The models are as follows: A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104

The parts across for these models are the same and most repairs can be fixed within an hour. The Device Shop offers iPhone XS screen replacements in just 20 minutes using original LCDs and flex cables.

The iPhone XS is also known to have poor battery life. The battery on the iPhone XS can be changed in less than 15 minutes.

The Device Shop also is easily able to replace the dock connector on the iPhone XS in about 30 minutes. The Dock Connector on the XS is the same component that regulates the charging and the headphone jack. If your iPhone XS has any issue pertaining to that listed above, this is the repair you’ll need.

If your iPhone XS Camera doesn’t open, has spots, or is blurry you may need a new camera. The Device Shop can fix that as well. Bring it in so we can diagnose it, and if we can fix it, we’ll have you in and out in 30 minutes.

iPhone XS Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Screen Replacements are the most common repair preformed by The Device Shop.  Average Repair time is about 20 minutes and appointments are suggested.

The current cost of the repair is unknown.  Please call the Times Square location at 347-469-0378 for current iPhone XS repair pricing and availability.

iPhone XS Battery Replacement

The iPhone XS battery replacement takes about 15 minutes. If your device shuts off randomly, loses charge quickly, and you don’t get at least 5 hours of constant use, a battery replacement may be in store.

Call the Times Square location at 347-469-0378 for pricing and availability of the iPhone XS Battery replacement.

iPhone XS Dock Connector / iPhone XS Charging Port

The iPhone XS Dock Connector / iPhone XS Charge Port / regulates several important components of your iPhone.

First and foremost it regulates the charge.  If your iPhone XS won’t charge, or charges intermittently, there are several steps to take before you come to The Device Shop. Try different chargers and see if your charging cable is going all the way into your device.  It should sit flush against your phone and the charge should be constant.  If it’s not sitting flush there may be something blocking it, often times lint. If you have a tweezer you can try to get it out yourself, but be careful not to damage any pins.

The Device Shop charges $99.99 + tax to replace the dock connector / charge port on the iPhone X and the repair takes about 30 minutes.

iPhone XS Water Damage Repair

iPhone X Water Damage repair can be tricky to fix. Whatever you do, DO NOT CHARGE YOUR PHONE. 

Once you retreive your device and realize it’s gotten wet, turn the device off immediately.  It’s very important you bring your device to one of your locations as quickly as possible, as time is of the essence.  Once you bring the device in, first thing we’ll do and open it up and see if there is any liquid still inside the device. If it is, we’ll  remove any excess liquid.  Once the device is completely dried out, we’ll go through a series of steps to try to power on your iPhone XS.

If we’re able to power on your device without replacing any parts, the cost would be $74.99 + tax.

If it does not turn on after drying it out, we’ll try a combination of a new screen, a new battery, charge port, cameras etc. as it could be any number of issues causing the device not to power on.  The cost of the replacement parts are listed above, depending on what needs to be replaced.

It’s also important to note that we do not offer a warranty on iPhone XS water damage repairs. Even if the device turns on and is functioning properly, residual issues can appear. The Device Shop is not responsible for any residual damages.

iPhone XS Camera Repair

The iPhone XS Back Camera replacement is generally required when the camera shutter doesn’t open, or the app is crashing automatically. You may be able to toggle the front camera, but could freeze on the back camera.

The iPhone X Back Camera is $150 + tax to replace and takes about 20 minutes.