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iPhone 6 Screen Replacements by The Device Shop

iPhone 6 Repairs now only $109 + tax*

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The Device Shop is happy to announce that we’ve lowered the price of iPhone 6 screen replacements are only $109 + tax with a good LCD.  iPhone 6 Screen repairs generally take about 20 minutes to fix and appointments are suggested.

As always, all of The Device Shop repairs come with our industry leading 180 day warranty.

Make an appointment today! Questions? Call 347-469-0378.



iPhone 6 Screen Replacements Available Now!

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The wait is over! The Device Shop in New York City is now able to repair broken iPhone 6 screens. After nearly three agonizing months of not being able to repair the iPhone 6, we’re now comfortable with the quality screen and price we’re able to get. As the prices continue to fall, we’re carrying limited quantities of the new screens. Same day service, no hassle. 6 Month Warranty. Make an appointment today.

Is it time to replace my battery?

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Enlarged BatteryEvery year, when the temperatures plummet, we see an influx of battery replacements.  The cold weather just seems to wreak havoc on the batteries, so extended use outside could cause your phone to drain quicker than normal, and shut off randomly, even though the battery still has power.  In older phones, this occurance is far more common as the batteries have less cycles left in their life span.  The cold weather just seems to exploit this.

Also with bad / older batteries they tend to swell. This can lead to a dangerous situation as they also tend to overheat and they can actually explode.

Below is a list of symptoms for a bad battery.

  • Poor battery life. Depending on the model device you have, you should at least be able to get 4.5 hours of moderate use.
  • Premature Shutdown. If your phone shuts off prematurely, a new battery would surely resolve the problem.
  • Swelling. If you’ve got an iphone 4 or 4s, and the back glass looks like it’s protruding, or there’s pressure on the front of the screen / discoloration, this can be a sign of swelling and you should replace the battery immediately.

If you experience any of the above, we’d suggest getting a new battery. With an appointment, a battery replacement only takes about 15 minutes. We’ve got 6 convenient locations to serve you in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to call. 347-469-0378.

This Is What ‘Unlimited Data’ Looks Like On AT&T

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10289893_10103522338113032_7634363756502957396_nI’ve been an AT&T customer for over 10 years. Back when they were AT&T Wireless, which was before Cingular. The only, and I mean only reason I’ve stuck around was because of my Unlimited Plan.  That, and the fact they would allow me for early upgrades for the new iPhones every October. Since they eliminated the early upgrade promo when the 5S came out, the only reason to still stick around was for the unlimited data.

In the past I’ve read about AT&T throttling data to it’s highest usage customers, but I’m generally on wifi and it’s never really been much of a problem…  at least enough of a problem for me to dig a little deeper. That was until today… everything was like going through mud. Checking my bank account felt like an eternity. Loading an image attachment in mail? Impossible. This along with reading that the FTC is suing AT&T for it’s deceptive practices made me dig a little deeper…

The image to the right is a screenshot of my data tests using the speedtest.net app on my iPhone 6 on “LTE” in the middle of Midtown Manhattan today.

Gee I wonder what my data speed is capped at.  Anyone have similar experiences?

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