iPad Air Screen Repair – Mail In Service


This repair is for an iPad Air Screen Repair/ Faulty Touch. If your glass is broken, the screen is not responsive to touch, or the screen is touching on it’s on, this is the repair for you. The Device Shop offers 24 hour turn-around time on all iPad screen replacements. If the display underneath your glass is damaged, whether there are lines on your screen, or discoloration, you need the iPad Air LCD Replacement

How do I know which model iPad I have? On the back of your iPad, at the bottom you’ll see the model number starting with the letter A, followed by 4 numbers.

iPad Air Model Numbers are: A1474, A1475, & A1476

Do you have multiple iPad Airs that are in need of repair? The Device Shop works with schools, and companies large and small for their device repair needs.  Click here to shoot us an email about custom pricing.

Product Description

Screen Repair for iPad Air

iPad Air Screen Repairs are one of the most common repairs preformed by The Device Shop. Now you can mail in your iPad Air for screen repairs without leaving the comfort of your home. Simply choose the mail in service for the iPad Air Screen Repair service and get your phone back within a few days working like brand new!

Has your new iPad Air taken an unfortunate fall and left you with a broken screen? Mail in your apple device for repair by our experienced phone repair technicians. We will have your phone working within a short amount of time and back into your hands before you know it. If you are in New York, schedule an appointment and bring your broken device by the shop for a quick fix, if not, just mail in your iPad Air for repair.

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